American Financial Export


Your Next Step
The first step in identifying whether you may qualify for project financing through AFES is to apply for a Letter of Interest (LoI). For a $5,000 (USD) application fee, AFES will review the parameters of your project and provide you with a preliminary assessment of qualification. If your project qualifies to proceed, AFES will also secure a formal “letter of Interest.” That letter will indicate a non-binding intent to provide direct financing or loan guarantees for the project


When the first phase is completed, AFES will assist you in preparation for - and completion of -the application and review. AFES “Success Fees” are due at loan closing and vary depending on the loan amount.

An investment opportunity worth $18.5 m (US) with a 30% equity stake can receive up to $13m (US) in AFES Direct or Loan guarantee funding. The AFES funding package would include $10m (US) for United State exported goods and services and up to $3m (US) for local in-country content. Local content can include local shipping and transportation, taxes, installation and local
construction activities necessary to put US equipment and fixtures into functional operation. AFES will help identify qualified US content to maximize AFES funding opportunities.